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Flexible legal services backed by over twenty years of experience in land use and governmental regulatory matters.

Zoning, Planning, and Permits

Building or expanding on real estate in Santa Cruz and Santa Clara counties requires understanding the unique zoning, planning and permit issues intrinsic to any project. The Ritson law office can help you get your project done right, saving you money, and avoiding future legal issues. We also assist in removing existing red tag violations from properties.

Boundary, Easement, License, and Use Agreements

It’s often the case that neighbors need, or want, to use each other’s land for purposes like private access roads, driveways, shared water wells, or other utilities. Without proper attention to the law, neighbors can find themselves in expensive and distressing legal disputes. Ritson law office can help you properly establish legal and recorded easements, lot-line adjustments, and road maintenance agreements.

Leases, Landlord-Tenant Laws, and Manufactured Housing

A well-drafted residential or commercial lease can solve problems before they start. The Ritson law office is versed in lease agreements, and the resolution of landlord-tenant disputes. Based on years of experience in mobile home park law, the Ritson law office can also help resolve issues involved in manufactured housing and mobile home park living.

Other Services

We provide a variety of services including


Attorney Lark Ritson is focused on land use. With over 20 years of practice in land use and governmental regulatory matters, Lark handles client’s planning and legal needs related to residential and business land use.

Committed to clear communication and competent practice, Attorney Ritson seeks to learn, understand, and serve a client’s needs. Her Law Office maintains sight on client goals, understanding that clients must strive to preserve time, money, and individual and business relationships.

Over the years of her career, Lark has appeared in state and federal courts, at trial and appellate levels. She has also appeared before Councils, Planning Commissions, and other government agencies. Skilled in advocacy, she also understands that the best solutions are often found before, or outside, of litigation -- by determining and forming the right business structure, by filing appropriate land-use permit applications, and by drafting agreements and documents that are clear and legal.

Lark is a licensed California attorney. She holds a law degree from the University of California at Davis, and has a Masters in English, with an emphasis in writing.

Lark provides sound advice to empower individuals and businesses to pursue beneficial and realistic land-use goals.

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